Manual for Official Controls

The Manual for Official Controls provides details of the tasks, responsibilities and duties Food Standards Agency (FSA) staff and veterinary contractors undertake in approved establishments.

The latest revisions to the manual were implemented on 21 November 2017.

The work of the FSA includes:

  • inspection
  • verification and audit
  • decision making and action to be taken following official controls
  • sampling procedures
  • monitoring and surveillance programmes

Volume 1 contains the detail of the Official Controls and is provided as a series of pdf documents. It has been split into chapters and sub-chapters to limit the size of each file and make them quicker to download.

Volume 2 contains the names and reference numbers of the individual regulations. Details of statutory instruments can be found on The Eur-Lex website contains details of European legislation. Links to both these websites can be found under 'External sites'.

The Manual for Official Controls is aimed at FSA internal staff. Due to the complete size of the Manual only selected Chapters are available to view. The version provided below is for information purposes and not to be considered the official version for FSA enforcement purposes and may contain revoked instructions. Stakeholders can email to confirm the status of this document.