UK-wide Food Hygiene Ratings Steering Group

This UK-wide steering group advises the Food Standards Agency on the development and implementation of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, and Food Hygiene Information Scheme in Scotland.

At its meeting on 10 December 2008, the Agency's Board decided that a six-tier national scores on the doors (SotD) scheme should be established in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and that a two-tier scheme should continue in Scotland. The Board agreed that a UK-wide Steering Group should be established to provide advice and guidance on the development of the schemes.

The steering group has been set up with a view to shared learning and commonality of approach, as far as possible. It is chaired by Steven Esom who has a background in the food industry, and its membership comprises consumer, local authority, food industry and Agency representatives.

You can find more details about the steering group including its terms of reference and work programme at the links below.

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