Information asset list

Last updated:
27 June 2016

Our Data Strategy

At the Food Standards Agency we recognise the value of data: both our own and that held by other parties (government departments, industry, academia, Non Government Organisations, civic society and social media). 

We have created this Data Strategy to describe how we will work with data to deliver the wider strategic outcomes of our organisation and to maximise the impact of all our activity.  

We would welcome any feedback on the document attached. Please send any comments you have to:

Information Asset Lists

The information asset lists shows collection of different types of information relating to a topic that has a clear value and is managed together so it can be used, shared and protected effectively.

The dataset list is more detailed and against each asset title are listed the datasets, which form part of the overall collection of information that makes up the asset. A dataset can take many forms (tables, spreadsheets, database reports) but is essentially a structured set of data.

We are testing a data landing page that will help people find our datasets more easily.  We are keen to get feedback through the link at the top of the webpage.

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