European research

The European Community funds research in Europe through its Framework Programmes, including work in areas of interest to the Agency.

The Framework Programmes aim to develop research capabilities, to promote innovation and competitiveness, and to provide evidence to inform policies in priority areas for Europe.

The seventh Framework Programme (FP7) will run from January 2007 to December 2013, providing funding of 55 billion euros (around £37 billion) for European research.

Most of the funds in FP7 go to collaborative research under ten priority themes, including one on Food, Agriculture & Fisheries, and Biotechnology, with a budget of 1.9 billion euros (around £1.3 billion). This theme is based on three activity areas:

  • Sustainable production and management of biological resources
  • Fork to farm: food, health and well-being
  • Life sciences and biotechnology for sustainable non-food products and processes

The Agency welcomes the new theme as a continuation and development of the work in FP6, which will help to co-ordinate research across Europe on shared concerns. We will continue to work closely with the Commission and with stakeholders in the UK and Europe to ensure that the programme delivers reliable evidence to inform European policies on food safety, diet and health and consumer choice, and that it reflects the principles of openness, quality and effective communication in research.

The Agency can contribute funds for successful projects in FP7 (as we have under the previous Programmes, FP5 and FP6), where they contribute to the Agency's objectives, and subject to our other research needs and available resources. We encourage anyone preparing proposals under FP7 in areas which may be of interest to us to contact us at an early stage to discuss how they might match our policy and research needs.

The Agency is part of a team of UK National Contact Points (NCPs) on the FAB theme of FP7, with Defra, BBSRC and Beta Technology Ltd. You can find details of NCPs in the UK and the other countries participating in FP7on the EU's CORDIS website which also contains detailed information on FP7 and earlier Framework Programmes.