Local authority enforcement data and LAEMS

LAEMS is a web-based system used to report local authority food law enforcement activities to the Food Standards Agency.

Local authorities upload data, that has been generated from the local system(s) on which they record data on food law enforcement activities, to LAEMS. Once uploaded to LAEMS, the local authority data are aggregated to the pre-defined categories required by the FSA, including 'interventions', 'sampling' and 'enforcement'.

Local authorities are then be able to view, on-screen, the results of the aggregation process and assess whether amendments to the data are required. Amendments may then be made to these aggregate level data.

Once local authorities are content that the aggregate data are correct, they are required to confirm the accuracy of the data before it is submitted for evaluation and publication by the FSA.

Guidance on how to use the LAEMS system

Step-by-step guidance on how to use the Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System (LAEMS), including uploading data, the delivery process and mapping of local authority activity/product/premises codes to the required Food Standards Agency (FSA) monitoring categories, making adjustments and identifying errors.

Guidance on completing the LAEMS imported food control screens

Imported food control data is required from all local authorities including inland authorities as well as all port health authorities and authorities with 'point of entry' responsibility.

Imported Food is any food that originates from a Third Country (i.e. any country outside the EU) and may include food sampled at any Food Business Operators (FBO) establishment, including at catering and retail level inland, as well as at point of entry or at an importers.

The guidance below is targeted at all colleagues that will be providing an imported food control return via LAEMS. It is designed to be a step-by-step walkthrough of the system, and provides useful screenshots that those accessing and providing information onto LAEMS will be able to follow.

For enquiries relating to data to be entered onto the imported food control screens on LAEMS, please contact:

Imported Food
email: imported.food@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk

LAEMS top tips

Advice on preparing monitoring returns and reporting on LAEMS.

Technical guidance on the Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring System (LAEMS)

Technical guidance on LAEMS is available, primarily aimed at providers of local authority software. The XML schema description document can be found below, which defines and explains the formal structure of the data expected to be returned to the FSA from local authorities. The document presents a case study, taking a fictional example and walking through creating the separate elements of the data with relation to a 'real-life' situation, building towards a complete example data file.


For enquiries about LAEMS, please contact the LAEMS Team:
email: laems@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk.

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