Cross-SAC working group on the framework for risky foods

Last updated:
7 November 2016
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The cross Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) working group on the framework for risky foods was set up in March 2016, with members drawn from four of the FSA SACs.

The role of the group is to advise the FSA through advice to the FSA’s Chief Scientific Adviser and Director of Policy, on:

  • an approach to the identification and prioritisation of risks to which the framework would be applied
  • the use, further development and limitations of the framework focusing on:
  1. its coherence
  2. the evidence which should be available to inform decisions at each of the decision points in the framework, and how these evidence needs might be met. It may be useful to think both in terms of the set of evidence that would ideally be available, and the minimum set of evidence which would allow reasonable judgement to be made
  3. for a range of hazards the identification of factors/changes that would prompt review or reconsideration by the FSA board.


Working group members:
David McDowell (ACMSF)
Gary Barker (ACMSF)
Alan Boobis (COT)
Leen Petré (GACS)
Dan Rigby (SSRC)
Joy Dobbs (SSRC)

Patrick Miller (GACS Secretary)
Gwen Aherne (GACS Secretariat)

FSA input:
Steve Wearne (Director of Policy and Science) 
Guy Poppy (Chief Scientific Adviser)
Penny Bramwell (Director of Science, Evidence & Research)
Diane Benford (Secretary to COT, head of risk assessment)
Paul Cook (Secretary to ACMSF, head of microbiological risk assessment)
Helen Atkinson (Secretary to SSRC)
Darren Holland (head of operational research)

*with other input as needed:
Caroline Mulvihill (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE))