Applying for research funding

Science test tubes
The FSA commissions research and survey work on a contract basis to develop and support its policies.

Electronic tendering system

The Agency uses an electronic tendering system for procurement. 'Calls for Tender' are submitted through the system and automatically loaded onto tender advertising portals such as the Official Journal of the European Union and Tenders Electronic Daily.

To receive email notifications about procurement opportunities you can register as a supplier.

All information on procurement opportunities, existing contracts and our financial transactions are made publically available, and can be accessed through our website via the Contracts and tenders page at the link below. We do not publish commercially sensitive information or information that may be used to obtain an unfair competitive advantage.

Please note that the introduction of the system supersedes our current practice of publishing notices within our internet site.


Joint Code of Practice for Quality Assurance in Research (JCoPR)

The FSA, together with Defra, BBSRC (the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council) and NERC (the Natural Environment Research Council) has developed this Code of Practice to help ensure that science and evidence commissioned by the FSA is consistently of a high and reliable quality.

The Code was launched in May 2003 and took effect from 1 June 2004. The FSA and Defra commissioned UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service) in 2006 to audit a sample of FSA / Defra science and evidence projects against the provisions of the Code. The generic findings from the two year UKAS audit programme were disseminated amongst QA managers and other interested parties at a joint FSA / Defra workshop in Reading in March 2009.

The Code has been subsequently revised by FSA and Defra as a result of both the audit findings and workshop outputs, with input from BBSRC, NERC and the UK Devolved Administrations. The latest version of the Code is on the GOV.UK website.