Our approach to science

Our framework for science governance sets out what we do to make sure we live up to our principles of being open, transparent and science- and evidence- based.

The Agency ensures that:

  • policies, decisions and advice are based on the best available scientific evidence and analysis, including independent expert advice
  • it is open about the scientific evidence and analysis underpinning our decisions, including uncertainties, gaps and assumptions, and how we have used scientific evidence and analysis, and any other factors, in our decision-making and advice
  • scientific evidence and analysis is informed by input, scrutiny and challenge by experts and other stakeholders
  • evidence and analysis is available for further use by the science community and other stakeholders

To achieve this the Agency's science and evidence strategy sets out how we will use science and evidence to deliver safer food for the nation. It describes our priorities for the evidence we will need and the activities we will carry out, to make sure we obtain and use that evidence effectively to support the delivery of the Agency's overarching strategy. This is supported by a forward evidence plan, which sets out the research and other evidence-gathering work we plan to commission.

The Agency is advised by a number of independent scientific advisory committees, which provide independent advice and challenge on risk assessment and our use of science. The committees is comprised of more than 120 independent experts appointed through open competition.

The Science Checklist sets out the points that need to be considered when developing and communicating policy proposals that deal with science-based issues, or draw on advice from the scientific advisory committees.

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