Food Law Practice Guidance

Last updated:
9 November 2017
This revised Practice Guidance is issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to assist competent authorities with the discharge of their statutory duty to enforce relevant food law. It is non-statutory, complements the statutory Code of Practice, and provides general advice on approach to enforcement of the law where its intention might be unclear.

This guidance updates all previous guidance issued with the Code of Practice (the Code).

Revised Food Law Practice Guidance - summary of changes

Code section Summary of changes
Chapter 2.2.4 National Food Crime Unit Addition of new section
Chapter 3.2.1 Registration of Food Establishments  Added text about food business establishments where no food is present on the premises, e.g. some Head Offices    
Chapter Food brokers Addition of material on guidance on food brokers
Chapter 3.5.5 Internal Monitoring Additional text to reflect updated policy
Chapter 4.5 Known qualifications with restrictions  Updating of table on Equivalent qualifications for Food Hygiene at the level of Primary Production 
Chapter Flexibility and HACCP monitoring Update in the light of revised wording in the Code of Practice  
Chapter Frequency of inspections at the level of primary production    Material added to reflect current review of frequency of inspections at the level of primary production
Chapter 5.4.3 Catering Waste Section added on catering waste requirements of Regulation (EC) 852/2004  
Chapter Imports – early warning system Section added on Imports Early Warning system to protect UK consumers from the risks that may be associated with imported foods   
Chapter 7.2.3 Prosecutions Addition of section  
Chapter 7.3.12 Model form - The Fish Labelling Regulations 2013 – Regulation 7 - Improvement Notice  Addition of model notice
Chapter 8.1.6 Notification of classified live bivalve mollusc production  Additional detail about classification requirements in Regulation (EC) 854/2004  
Chapter 8.3.8 Less than thoroughly cooked burgers Material added about extra approval requirements for establishments supplying minced meat (MM) and/or meat preparations (MP) intended to be eaten less than thoroughly cooked (LTTC) to be approved and on guidance on LTTC burgers.  
Chapter 8.4.3 FBOs selling raw drinking milk and cream intended for human consumption Clarification of Local Authority requirements with regard to raw drinking milk and cream intended for human consumption  
Chapter 8.4.11 Official tuberculosis free status and dairy hygiene legislation  Rationalisation of text to remove some  of the more detailed material, which is on the APHA website.
Chapter 8.7 Food for specific groups Text amended to reflect the new requirements in Regulation (EU) 609/2013   
Chapter 8.10.1 Food waste and animal by-products Additional material on surplus food redistribution
Annex 3 Links to main legislation, guidance and forms  Updating and addition of relevant material