Resources for allergen information

Guidance and materials to assist local authorities and food businesses in promoting, implementing and complying with the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation, launched on 13 December 2014.

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Free online training

We have free allergen information training if you want to know more about the changes that the new rules bring. You can receive a certificate at the end of it, if you pass. You will find this training useful if you are a enforcement officer, a food business or an interested consumer.

If you want to find out more about all the changes that the EU Food Information for Consumers regulation brings to a label, take this online labelling training for the full picture.

Posters and templates

Think Allergy posters

This is a minimal language poster to use as an allergen prompt, as well as a staff training aid on how to handle customer requests for allergen information. You will find an English version below, as well as versions in four other languages.

Allergen signage

An example of an upfront signpost to direct customers on where and how to obtain allergen information.

Chef’s recipe sheet

These individual allergen menu records can be filled on your computer or can be printed out and filled, in hard copy. These allow kitchen staff to log and check allergen information on one-off dishes, for example when you have 'specials' or when ingredients run out or are substituted on the day.

Consumer’s Think Allergy chef cards

These handy cards are for consumers to fill in with the allergens they must avoid, and hand to staff, when eating out.  Food businesses can also print them out and leave them on tables for customers to fill in, if they wish.

Dishes and their allergen content (Chef’s allergen menu matrix)

Allergen menu matrix that can be filled on your computer or can be printed out and filled, in hard copy. This will help kitchen staff to log and check allergen information on dishes.

Leaflets for businesses and consumers


A one-page factsheet on the EU FIC. This can be inserted into deliveries by wholesalers, for example, when they send out orders to FBOs or used by businesses as a staff training aid or information sheet.

Allergen artwork

You can find the artwork for the 14 designated allergens in the link below. Please note that these images cannot be used by themselves, and must be accompanied by text explaining what they are; for example a picture of eggs must carry the word 'eggs' with it. You can use these images on any of your own posters or leaflets etc.

Artwork for the 14 allergens which must be declared

EU FIC presentation to local businesses

This general information and training presentation has been designed to facilitate training on the EU FIC.  It can be used to give food businesses and staff an overview of key features of the regulation. Please note that you can add your details to this presentation as well as tailor it to your needs.

Material for schools

Free Allergy Adventures poster for children

allergy adventures poster

This colourful poster showcases the top 14 allergens and helps educate children about behaving safely around food allergies in a fun and engaging way. It is intended to be printed out as an A3 document and is available in both English and Welsh, as well as in full colour and print-friendly versions, as required.

Please note that Allergy Adventures reserves all rights to this material and it cannot be changed or amended in any way. You also have no right to make any commercial use of this resource without prior written consent.

Poster for secondary schools

This poster is intended for distribution by local authorities in promoting the allergen rules, in local schools. The poster can be printed out as an A3 or A4 document as required.

Allergy videos