Regulators' Development Needs Analysis

In November 2011 a common approach to professional competency frameworks for local authority regulators was launched. The Agency contributed to the development and design of the food section and local authority professional officers continue to shape how the framework evolves.

In 2016 the food section was updated to reflect the competency framework within the Food Law Code of Practice (England), issued April 2015. The food section can now be used by local authority authorised and lead officers as part of their competency assessment process, as required by the Code. 

The common approach, led by Regulatory Delivery in partnership with the Regulatory Excellence Forum, is closely linked with the relevant qualifications frameworks provided by the professional bodies (CIEH & CTSi) and is supported by local and national regulators. The availability of a single nationally recognised approach to regulatory competence will simplifies the regulatory system and helps national and local regulators work more closely together. Its key features are:

  • the Regulators’ Development Needs Analysis (RDNA) self-assessment tool
  • Guidance for Regulators – Information Point (GRIP), designed to help meet any development needs identified

Both tools can be accessed via the links on the right.


RDNA logo

The RDNA self-assessment tool supports the development and competency assessment of enforcement officers. The tool features competencies for all authorised officers, and a separate set of competencies specifically for lead food officers. 
As users navigate the interactive website, they are led through a robust process that helps them to identify and prioritise their development needs. A report is created on completion of the self-assessment, which regulators can use as part of their personal development plans and in their competency assessments.


GRIP logo

GRIP is a portal website that helps regulators in local authorities to identify resources that will help meet their development needs in a cost-effective way.