Our Food Future

We want you to be part of the conversation about our food future so that it protects your interests and respects your rights.

Our Food Future February 2016

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In the UK alone, we produce less than 60% of our own food, and import the rest from over 180 countries.

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Climate change and rising income in developing
countries will change the global picture.

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New technology and new sources of food will change what’s available.

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Complex pressures on supply chains bring challenges – traceability, volatile prices and even crime.

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We have published research which explores consumers’ views about food, looking at the world we live in, where we are headed, and what we want to see from #OurFoodFuture.

Our Food Future event

We brought together 200 leading experts to discuss what we all can do to get the best food outcome for people in the UK.


You can watch a video of the event and read the event discussion summary.

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