Movable and temporary premises

Movable and/or temporary premises include marquees, market stalls, mobile vans, vending machines. This category includes people's homes where food is regularly prepared to be sold or given to the public and includes B&Bs. The requirements for movable and/or temporary premises, are different to fixed premises.

Premises and vending machines must be positioned, designed, constructed and kept clean and maintained in good repair and condition in a way that avoids the risk of contamination, particularly from animals and pests, as far as reasonably practical.

Where necessary:

  • You must have appropriate facilities to maintain adequate personal hygiene, including facilities to wash and dry hands hygienically, hygienic toilet facilities and changing facilities.
  • Surfaces that are touched by food must be in a sound condition and be easy to clean and, where necessary, to disinfect. This means that they need to be made of materials that are smooth, washable, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic, unless you can satisfy your local authority that other materials are appropriate.
  • You must have adequate facilities for the cleaning and, where necessary, disinfecting of working utensils and equipment.
  • If you wash or clean food as part of your business, then you must have adequate facilities to do this hygienically.
  • You must have an adequate supply of hot and/or cold water that is potable (drinking quality).
  • You must have adequate arrangements and/or facilities to store and dispose of hygienically any hazardous and/or inedible substances, and waste (whether liquid or solid).
  • You must have adequate facilities and/or arrangements for keeping food at suitable temperatures and monitoring these..
  • You must place food in a way that avoids the risk of contamination as far as reasonably practical.