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Using the search tool

You can search to find many of the declassified documents referenced in the Inquiry's Report and also to search the text of the website and Report.

Where a document is available on this website, a hyperlink is provided in the footnote of the online Report which will take you directly to it.  If you are reading a printed copy of the Report, or wish to search for documents without reading the Report, you may wish to use this tool as a way of finding documents quickly.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how you use 'Search'.

Search fields

A search button can be found near the top of every page on the website where you can enter a name, word or phrase that you would like to search for.

Underneath and to the right of this box you will see a link to Return to search that will redirect you to a page where you can refine your search in the following ways:

By the content available - here you can choose whether to filter your search by:

  • All content on the website - a combination of all three search fields below.
  • The Report only - this will tell you where a document is referenced but will not take you directly to it.  This field is more helpful if you are looking to see whether a subject or individual is mentioned in the Report, or how many times a subject or individual is referenced.
  • Supporting documents only - this is the most relevant field for finding documents referred to in the footnotes of the Report.
  • Website content only - this will help you find links to other sources of evidencebut will not take you directly to declassified documents.

By date - You can look for documents covering a certain period.

By author - This enables you to search for all documents written by a particular individual or organisation.

By recipient - This enables you to search for all documents written to a particular indivdiual or organisation.

By document class - You can use this filter to search according to the type of evidence you wish to access.

By document type - Where looking for a declassified document, this filters search results according to the type of document.  This is often written in the document reference, for example 'Letter Bloggs to Another'.  For the purposes of this filter, an 'assessment' refers to a document specifically generated to analyse evidence and/or intelligence.

By file type - There are two options here: PDF or video.  Unless you are searching for the video evidence of a witness, you should always select PDF in this filter.

All of these filters have drop-down menus, apart from the Author and Recipient boxes which allow free text to be entered.

An example

"I would like to find all of the letters that Joe Bloggs sent in 2003."

To find these documents on the website you could refine your search by:

  1. Selecting January 2003 to December 2003 in the date filters.
  2. Typing Bloggs into the author box.
  3. Selecting declassified documents in the document class box.
  4. Selecting letter/minute in the document type box.
  5. Selecting PDF as the filter type.

The search results will be greater or less depending on how many of the filter boxes you select.  It may not be necessary to use all of them to find the documents but you are likely to find them more quickly where all of the filters are utilised.

Documents not available on this website

Open source material is not published on the website but has been referenced to enable the reader to carry out a web search.


Search Declassified Documents