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Privacy & Cookie Policy


The Iraq Inquiry website does not ask you to enter information.  It does not solicit information from you, by the use of forms, email, social media or through any other channel.

An email address is given on the Contacts page for your use in certain circumstances.

Emails sent to that address will be retained for analysis, for example so that we can identify systemic technical faults.  Information in an email will not be disclosed other than for the purpose for which it was sent.  Any personal data in it will be handled according to the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The website uses Google Search Appliance (GSA) to execute document searches.  This is a hardware and software facility which is licensed from Google.  The licensor (Google) does not have access to the GSA during the lifetime of the licence nor at its termination.


First party

When you visit this website, we put small files on the device you are using.  These are known as cookies and their purpose is:

  • To distinguish your session from other simultaneous sessions, and whether or not this is your first visit to the site;
  • To gather data on the usage of the site for the purpose of site improvement.

They do not store information which can identify you personally.

The cookies are generated by your use of the website (including by its use of Google Analytics).  The cookies from Google Analytics “remember” what a user has done on previous pages and what interactions with the website have taken place.  The information that they store is not shared with Google.  When the cookies are first saved, you will get a warning message which allows you to opt out.

Our cookies





On exit

This cookie is used to store search query and filter parameters to enable a visitor to return to search results.


2 years

Used to distinguish users.


10 minutes

Used to throttle (control) request rate.


2 years from set/update

Used to distinguish users and sessions.


10 minutes

Used to throttle request rate.


30 minutes from set/update

Used to determine new sessions/visits.


On exit



6 months from set/update

Used to store how you reached this site.


30 days from set/update

If the text size is changed using the link at the top of the page this cookie will remember the choice and set the text size for each subsequent page view. 

You are distinguished from all other internet users by being assigned a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address when you start an internet session for the duration of a session; your address is likely to vary from one session to another.  The address is assigned by your ISP (internet service provider) or, if you are using an organisation’s IT system – for example that of an employer – the address may be assigned by the organisation.

Third party

Sites you are directed to, or visit, which are not within the domain may store other cookies for other purposes.  These are likely to be subject to privacy policies specific to the site in question.

Most internet browsers give you the facility to delete cookies at any time.