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Scottish Land Fund (2001)

Supporting rural communities to acquire, manage and develop rural land.
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Total available:
£15 million
Application deadline:
This programme is now closed

What’s it all about?

We established the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) in 2001 to support local communities to acquire, manage and develop rural land. SLF complemented land reform legislation introduced by the Scottish Parliament. The programme aimed to:

  • improve opportunities and reduce disadvantage for both individuals and communities in rural Scotland
  • encourage community involvement and participation in land ownership and management
  • enhance the environmental diversity and quality of rural Scotland
  • facilitate positive use of the land reform legislation on the community right to buy
  • diversify the pattern of land ownership in rural Scotland.

We allocated £10 million to the Scottish Land Fund in 2001 and added a further £5 million in 2003.

Please note that we are currently managing a separate Scottish Land Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government.


Organisation Types

  • Voluntary or community organisation