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Live and Learn

£18 million to make a difference to Northern Ireland’s most disadvantaged communities
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Northern Ireland
Funding size:
£20,000 - £50,000
Total available:
£18 Million
Application deadline:
This programme is now closed

What is it all about?

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This programme is closed for applications

We have identified 23 projects that meet the aims of the Live and Learn programme, and offered development grants to assist successful stage one applicants to develop their project to meet the criteria for their stage two application.

For stage two, you will need to plan your project in more detail, including a comprehensive business plan. More detail is available in the stage two guidance notes.

If you were successful at stage one but haven’t received a development grant, we will send you a stage two application form. Please send it back to us within six months.

Development grants

If you have been awarded a development grant for your stage two application, you will receive guidance on how to use the grant to develop your application. After the grant contract has been signed and returned to us, you will have six months to spend the funding and complete the development work.

When you’ve completed your stage two application, send it to us along with a report detailing how the grant was spent and what you achieved with it. If we’ve awarded you with a development grant, it doesn’t mean that we will fund your project.