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Dads in Mind

Supporting dads experiencing mental health issues
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Launched in January 2017 by Bristol based charity Bluebell, Dads in Mind supports dads directly experiencing mental health issues related to pregnancy and parenthood and also offers support to those whose partners are affected.

Louis Dunn was a dad suffering from severe anxiety after the birth of his son. He sought help through his GP but found it difficult to get targeted support: “My anxiety was debilitating and the intrusive thoughts I had made me think I was a danger to my son. When I discovered Bluebell, they offered a non-judgmental space to talk and it meant the world.”

Ruth Jackson, Founder and CEO of Bluebell, says: “At Bluebell we offer a wide range of help for parents finding it difficult to manage life with a new baby. We wanted to have the ability to support men and are delighted to have launched Dads in Mind.”

Once recovered and having benefitted from Bluebell’s care, Louis went onto help launch Dads in Mind. “It was a very organic progression for me from someone seeking help, to mentor. I wanted to help others and be part of normalising perinatal problems for dads. Having a child is an emotional whirlwind for dads too and it’s important to not forget that”.