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Great Yarmouth's Neighbourhoods that Work

Connecting communities to build stronger communities
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Great Yarmouth’s Neighbourhoods That Work project is a pioneering initiative that aims to empower about 4,000 local residents to overcome complex and multiple challenges by giving them the chance to create their own solutions to improve their lives and that of their communities.

With a £3.1m award from Big Lottery Fund’s Reaching Communities programme in 2015, Great Yarmouth Borough Council, in conjunction with partner organisations, is aiming to facilitate a more integrated approach to improve life chances for vulnerable residents by making sure existing services are signposted to the right people at the right time.

“Our starting point is that communities are full of people who can provide the connections that make their neighbourhood stronger,” says Robert Read, director of housing and neighbourhoods at Great Yarmouth Council.

“People thrive in communities that are well connected.”

The project’s ambition is to put local people with strong community connections in the lead to identify and build relationships with residents needing support, and then help them find ways to build on their strengths and skills to turn their lives around, as well as point them in the direction of the services that can help them.

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