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Voice of Young People in Care

An organisation that improves the lives of children and young people in care
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About Voice of Young People in Care A picture of Andrea, who was supported by the organisation Voice of Young People in Care

Voice of Young People in Care (VOYPIC) is an organisation that works throughout Northern Ireland to improve the lives of children and young people in care.

Their National Lottery funding

VOYPIC was awarded just over £590,000 to support children and young people in care, care leavers and foster families across Northern Ireland.

The project will build the young people’s skills and confidence, help them get involved in the decisions about their care, and share their views to shape the care system of the future. They'll also produce a resource for schools about young people in care.

“The new project is going to make such a difference.”

Andrea Glenn was five when she was separated from her parents and siblings, and told she was going to stay with another family for two weeks.

Two weeks turned into two years, and for the next 15 years she lived in 12 different homes.

When Andrea was in secondary school she took some courses with VOYPIC, which gave her support and helped her meet other young people in care.

In the last few years support from them has helped her live independently and she now uses her experiences to help younger children in care.

“I liked how VOYPIC were trying to make a difference and it was a good opportunity to meet other young people in care. I have loads of friends now who understand my situation, and I’ve gone from being shy to talking about my experiences at events in front of 2,000 people.”

Andrea said: “The new project is going to make such a difference. The resource for schools would have been really good if it had been in my schools because teachers and pupils didn’t understand and didn’t know what to say to me.

“I want a better future for young people in care and I want them to know that they are just as capable of reaching their goals as everyone else.”

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