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HES data dictionary

Data dictionaries work in the same way as 'normal' dictionaries, but they contain information about data items.

The HSCIC has recently undertaken a review of the HES data dictionaries published on this website. There are still some outdated or incomplete entries which will be added in the near future. In the meantime, please send any data dictionary queries to referencing HES data dictionaries in the subject

What is the HES data dictionary?

The HES data dictionary contains detailed information on the fields from the admitted patient, outpatient, A&E and adult critical care data sets that are collected by HES and the PROMs data set. These include those submitted directly by the data providers and also fields we derive and add to the data sets.

The HES Data Dictionary also identifies which cleaning or derivation rules have been applied to which fields.  The cleaning rule definitions, used in conjunction with the HES Data Dictionary, are available here:

Who is it for?

All users of HES data.

NHS Data Model and Dictionary

The fields within HES are either based on or derived from the NHS Data Model and Dictionary. This covers all data sets and data items used in the NHS, not just those from which HES is extracted. It is developed and maintained by the NHS Data Model and Dictionary Service at NHS Digital.

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