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Registers of approved data releases

NHS Digital is responsible for providing a trusted safe haven for storing and analysing the nation's health and care information. We also deliver the systems that enable data to be used to support an individual's care and better, more effective health and social care services for all our communities. Find out more about who we are and what we do.

There are very strict rules about what information NHS Digital can share with the NHS and other organisations, and we are committed to ensuring that the public understands what happens to the information that we collect.

As part of this commitment we publish registers of the instances where NHS Digital has provided data under a pdf icon Data Sharing Agreement [62kb].

The Register is published every quarter, covering activity for the preceding three months plus any amendments/additions to older releases.

It lists organisations by name, the type of data released, the legal basis for release and the purpose for which the data was provided. More recent registers include changes to aid transparency and provide additional detail.

NHS Digital has implemented a new online data application process (DARS Online) that permits the electronic capture of more information relating to applications, agreements and disseminations.

In the main, the Register now includes a line per physical file disseminated, where previous Registers showed a single entry for datasets released more than once over a the period covered by the Register.

Other changes include an indication whether patient opt-outs were applied to the dataset before release - as per a new column "Patient Opt-Outs Applied".

Our patient opt-out policy explains when opt-outs do and do not apply in more detail.

When reviewing the Register the application of opt-outs may, at face value, appear inconsistent because the application is determined by considering the combination of data items being released. For example, whether the data are classed as confidential patient information, and the legal basis under which those data are released. Certain specific legal bases are exempt from having opt-outs applied.

Please review the 'Read Me' tab at the front of the Register for details of other changes.


The registers are published regularly, and are available to view under the Related Information section, which sits on the right hand section of this web page.  

Archive applications

To view applications prior to July 2014, please see the xls icon DAAG register of approved applications [36kb]. The Data Access Advisory Group (DAAG) is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) on data applications.

To provide feedback that can be considered in producing future versions of the Register, please email referencing 'Data Release Register' in the subject field.

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