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Gateway to Research has been developed by the Research Councils to enable users to search and analyse information about publicly funded research, including AHRC-funded research.

Gateway to research is aimed at those who wish to access UK research information, with a particular focus on innovation intensive SMEs. It contains information such as who, what and where the Research Councils fund, as well as details about the outcomes, outputs and impact which is extracted from ResearchFish. It only includes information for research that was funded.

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In order to search for information by Research Council, please type * into the initial search box, select 'search' to find all projects, and then select the appropriate Funder filter on the right-hand side of the next screen.

Gateway to Research Interactive Visualisations

This interactive visualisation takes the Gateway to Research data set for all AHRC funded projects from 2005 and the outputs that have arisen from these projects. It provides an engaging way to explore the dataset, enabling users to answer questions, satisfy their curiosity and quickly see areas of interest.

It visualises the number of grants funded by AHRC, along with the spread of research topic and subject areas and the range of project partners stated on the project application. It includes visualisations for research outputs that are collected via Researchfish. The output types shown here are publication types, artistic and creative outputs, dissemination activities, collaborations and partnerships with organisations, policy influence, and further funding leveraged.

Note about the data

  • the data used in the visualisation comes directly from the Gateway to Research API
  • it is presumed individual researchers will check the correctness of the data entered into Researchfish
  • duplicate outputs exist in the data as they have been attributed to more than one individual
  • further funding leveraged may not be in GBP currency.

How to use the interactive charts and tables

The interactive tables and charts have a selection of views. Users can select from the items in the boxes to break down the data by university, year project funded, project classification, and output types. The visualisation will automatically update when users make a selection.

Users can also:

  • hover over lines, bars, points, rows, columns, for more information shown in a tooltip
  • export underlying data tables for their own analysis
  • share the visualisation with others.