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  • admin-hefce - our main list for HEIs, further education colleges and other stakeholders, which includes alerts about our press releases and recently published documents (average 15 mailings a month)
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  • charityreg-hefce - updates on HEFCE's role as principal regulator of those HEIs that are exempt charities (average 2 mailings a month)
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  • preventmonitor-hefce - updates on HEFCE's role to monitor compliance with the Prevent duty among relevant higher education bodies (average 2 mailings a month)
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  • Regulatory partnership bulletin - a bulletin providing updates on the development of the regulatory partnership for English higher education (fewer than 1 mailing a month)
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  • Specific course designation list - updates on developments in the specific course designation process for alternative providers of higher education (average 1 mailing a month)
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E-newsletters and messages published to our email lists can be accessed at the links below.

Numbered electronic publications

Up until 2011 some HEFCE announcements were made via numbered electronic publications, sent to admin-hefce. View the index of numbered electronic publications.

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News feeds and Twitter allow you to see when new content has been added to our website.

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