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How we fund higher education

The total public funding for higher education in England is decided annually by the Government. For the 2017-18 academic year, this is provided through a variety of sources:

  • tuition fee loans and maintenance grants and loans to students
  • grants to universities and colleges from HEFCE
  • grants to institutions and bursaries to students from other public bodies, such
  • as the UK Research Councils and the Department of Health.

We are responsible for distributing grants to universities and colleges. Our grants to universities and colleges do not fully meet their costs: we make only a contribution towards their teaching, research, knowledge exchange and related activities.

When funding allocations are announced

Funding allocations are announced in spring each year.

Announcement date
 Spring 2015Spring 2016Spring 2017
Funding for academic year 2015-16 Allocations for 2015-16 -  -
Funding for academic year 2016-17  - Allocations for 2016-17 -
Funding for academic year 2017-18 - - Allocations for 2017-18

We use student numbers, reported to us by institutions, to calculate funding for the following academic year.

Page last updated 8 June 2017