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Download the full business plan

Summary of the business plan

The business plan states that we will achieve our aims and objectives by:

  • funding excellence in research wherever it is found, and the collaborative processes and infrastructure which support an efficient, world-leading research environment
  • funding innovation and excellence in knowledge exchange
  • incentivising excellence in teaching and learning (education)
  • evaluating, promoting and funding practices in the sector which best address the issues of social mobility, participation, retention, achievement and progression
  • having a deep ‘real-time’ understanding of the opportunities and risks facing the full range of higher education providers
  • collecting, analysing and benchmarking data, and synthesising evidence, to provide a unique authoritative voice on higher education
  • informing, developing, and implementing government policy to benefit the sector and students
  • being an intelligent lead regulator of the sector, one which respects the autonomy of higher education providers and protects the interests of students
  • working in partnership with others to influence and lever the investment in, and thereby to maximise the success of English higher education.

These activities, taken together, will promote excellent outcomes for all stakeholders and ensure that the reputation of England’s higher education provision is further enhanced. They will strengthen a sector which is critical to the country’s success as an advanced economy and a flourishing, democratic society, and enable us to demonstrate an impressive return on the public investment in higher education.

Structure of the business plan

The business plan is split into three main sections:

  • Section 1 sets out an overview of our Business Plan and the commitments and priorities over the next five years.
  • Section 2 sets out the high-level objectives for each Directorate, together with performance indicators by which we will know whether or not we are succeeding.
  • Section 3 briefly describes our organisation for the benefit of any reader who is unfamiliar with our role as a non-departmental public body.

Annexes A and B describe the main activities which will deliver the objectives for the academic year 2014-15, and show how we are allocating our resources across the Directorates to enable these activities to be delivered successfully. The annexes will be updated annually.

Download HEFCE's business plan and related documents

HEFCE's business plan 2015-2020

Download the Business_Plan_2015-2020 as PDF (6,059 KB)

Analysis of consultation responses

We consulted on a draft of the plan in October 2014. An analysis of responses is presented below. 

Download the Analysis_of_responses as PDF (247 KB)

Impact assessment

In developing the business plan, we have assessed the impact that publishing the plan will have on the higher education sector in terms of regulatory burden, equality and diversity, and sustainability.

Download the Impact assessment as PDF (146 KB)

Download HEFCE’s previous business plan and strategy statement

HEFCE’s previous business plan for 2011-2015

Download the 2011/34 as PDF (548 KB)

HEFCE's strategy statement

This document was a starting point for the development of the 2011-2015 HEFCE business plan.

Download the HEFCE strategy statement as PDF (928 KB)