Cutting Red Tape

Sector review Local Authorities

Review into unnecessary regulatory barriers to growth placed on businesses by Local Authorities

This review is now closed for comment.

The Cutting Red Tape review of Local Authorities is a government review led by the Cabinet Office, DCLG and BEIS, working together with other government departments and regulators. We want to identify and remove unnecessary regulatory barriers to growth and associated costs placed on businesses by local authorities, while ensuring necessary protections are maintained, and also gather evidence of where regulation imposes unnecessary or avoidable burdens and costs on local government.

As part of the review, we want to hear from businesses, trade associations, local authorities, and others with an interest in this area. The review will examine any aspects of regulation and the way it is implemented or enforced which could be made simpler, more cost-effective, efficient, proportionate, or consistent.

The review will take into account burdens imposed by planning and building control, construction regulations, food safety, standards and hygiene, environmental protection and health and safety amongst others. Now that the government is reviewing more broadly the implementation and enforcement of regulation by local authorities, it will build on the existing review of Trading Standards going beyond that current review and present all findings and the government response to the findings on Trading Standards alongside the rest of this review. We will also build on and complement issues and evidence in relation to local authorities that emerged from the Cutting Red Tape review into Housebuilding. We will seek evidence on everything from how inspections and visits are conducted and how data is requested through to guidance, advice and how accountable and responsive local authorities are to business needs. However, the scope of the review will not include fees and charges.

This review applies to English local authorities only, we will pass any comments relating to devolved administrations to devolved colleagues.

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This Cutting Red Tape review of local authorities is taking a holistic approach based on the views expressed and issues raised by businesses, local authorities, and others with an interest in this area through our 'call for evidence'. The review’s findings will be derived from what these stakeholders have told us are the issues that they face with regulation, and these will form our basis for taking action to improve regulation and minimise the burdens of regulation by or on local authorities.

We recognise that business does not distinguish between categories of burden; the review will take a broad approach to what counts as ‘red tape’, and will gain a dynamic picture of how government requirements combine and interact to affect business on the ground.

In assessing the suggestions and evidence received the review team will consider which deregulatory measures would be likely to have the greatest cumulative impact across the sector.