Assuring transformation data

We introduced a robust data collection process for all NHS commissioners from 9 January 2014. The Assuring Transformation (AT) data covers a range of key areas to track progress, including the number of patients currently in inpatient care, whether they have been transferred, whether there is a planned date to transfer and the number of people that have been admitted to inpatient care in the last quarter.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is now responsible for collecting the AT data, using a robust clinical audit platform, and publishes the quarterly – and top level monthly – data on their website. For more details, including the latest data, see the HSCIC website.

Managing patient objections on AT data

The legal framework that enables us to collect the Assuring Transformation data includes legal requirements for commissioners. Clinical Commissioner Groups (CCGs) and commissioners of specialist services need to make patients aware: that some confidential data is included in this collection (but is not published), why we collect the data, and what patients, family members or carers should do, if they want to object to their information being included in the AT data.

To support commissioners on this, we have produced:

  • A leaflet about the collection of information in easy-read for patients, family members and carers – this explains what the AT data is, why we collect it and what patients, family members and carers should do, if the patient doesn’t want their information included. Commissioners are just required to add their contact details so that patients know who to contact if they would like to object to their information being collected, and they must also ensure that the leaflet is available to patients and their families and carers.
  • An AT leaflet for commissioners – this explains what the AT data is, what ‘fair processing’ of patient objections is and what commissioners are legally required to do, both with patients, families and carers, and providers who commission services on their behalf.

Quarterly data

For the latest Assuring Transformation data (from the quarter ending 31 March 2015), please see the HSCIC website.

Quarter ending 31 December 2014

Quarter ending 30 September 2014

Quarter ending 30 June 2014

Quarter ending 31 December 2013

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