London travel
  • Prior to congestion charging 40,000 vehicles an hour drove every morning into central London, equivalent to 25 busy motorway lanes.
  • With all this traffic, drivers in central London spend 50 percent of their time in queues.
  • Traffic speeds in central London dipped below 10 mph in the period 1998–2000 for the first time since records began. there are now no longer any 'peaks'.
  • Drivers spend as much as half their time in jams, costing the capital's economy £2 to £4 million a week.
  • 136,000 residents live within the charging zone, about half in car-owning households.
  • Each weekday, 6,000 buses accommodate 4.5 million passenger journeys on 600 routes around London; bus passenger travel increased by 6 per cent in 2000/01 to 4.7 billion passenger kilometres.
  • If the congestion charge works it is estimated there will be a 10 to 15 percent cut in traffic, enough to cut journey times by 20 to 30 percent.