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people:Barry Bucknell
Born: 26 January 1912, London, England
Died: 21 February 2003, St Mawes, Cornwall, England

Television's first 'Do-It-Yourself' (DIY) expert and home makeover star.

Using the immensely influential power of television, Bucknell transformed DIY from its solitary 'garden shed' origins into a fun, fashionable and profitable pastime accessible to all. His 1950s series Do It Yourself attracted seven million viewers, followed in 1962 by Bucknell's House, a 39-week BBC project to do up a run-down house in Ealing. Millions watched, then promptly followed his example, kickstarting the growth of a multi-million pound industry.

Bucknell grew up fascinated with design and gadgetry, serving an apprenticeship with Daimler before joining his father's building and electrical firm in St Pancras. After the mid-1960s he devoted more time to his passion for sailing and is remembered for designing the Mirror dinghy, a highly popular family boat which proved ideal for introducing young people to sailing - in all it sold more than 90,000 models.

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