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Saving images

You save images by clicking on the square box on the bottom right-hand corner of the image thumbnails (see Figs. 01 and 02).

Fig 01: Before             

Fig 02: After

Fig. 01

Fig. 02

After this, you will need to copy these selected images to ‘My saved images’ in the CREATE section. You can do this by clicking on the GO button on the image save options box on the right-hand side of the SEE section, as shown in Fig. 03.

Fig 03: Image save options

Fig. 03

The whole process can be summed up in a diagram (Fig. 04).

Fig 04: Saving images summary

Fig. 04

Within the image save option, when you click on the GO button, these images will be automatically added to ‘My light box’ located in the CREATE section. Within the ‘My light box’ section, you will be able to review your saved images at a later date. See ‘My light box’ to find out what you can do.

My saved images
'My saved images’ is where your saved images are located (see Fig. 06). To display all your saved images, click on the 'View my images' link (Fig. 05).

Fig 05: Viewing your saved images

Fig. 05

Here you will be able to review your images. You can also click on them to get larger image sizes and view the image record information, just as you would in the SEE section.

Fig 06: My saved images

Fig. 06

In addition, you can copy your images to the ‘My galleries’ section to create a web gallery, which you can then e-mail as an e-gallery. To create a web gallery, simply select the images you want to include, then from the drop-down menu select either 'My new web gallery' or an existing gallery and then click on the GO button, as shown in Fig. 01 above. These images will be copied to your selected option (new gallery or an existing gallery) from the drop-down menu. You will then have to go to 'My galleries' to annotate and e-mail your web gallery. 

See ‘My galleries’ or ‘My e-cards’ to see how you can manipulate your moved images in these sections.

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