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Who We Are

INGENIOUS: The NMSI NOF-digitise website

What is Ingenious?

Ingenious is a new website that brings together images and viewpoints to create insights into science and culture. It weaves unusual and thought-provoking connections between people, innovations and ideas.  Drawing on the resources of NMSI, the site contains over 30,000 images which are used to illustrate over 30 different subjects, topics and debates.

You are invited on a voyage of discovery through the content, exploring new perspectives on human ingenuity. The rich resources offer authoritative re-interpretations, which challenge traditional views. You can contribute to these discussions, by offering fresh opinions on the issues that have changed our lives, thereby creating dialogues within communities and with the Museums.

Who is working on the website?

The key NMSI contributors to the site are the Science Museum, the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, the National Railway Museum, the Science & Society Picture Library and the Science Museum Library.

As well as a huge range of internal staff from across NMSI, two external companies have been employed in the build of the website: Tape International who are the technical lead provider of the Essence™ CMS system and primary contractor; and SAS, who are providing brand and design guidance.


New Opportunities Fund (NOF).


Senior Management team:

Janet Carding – Head of NMSI Planning and Development
Dr. Robert Bud - Project Director
Dr. Ann Borda - Lead Project Manager
Charlotte Stone - Content Manager
Jane Davies – Project Coordinator

Web Management:

Mike Ellis – Web Manager (NMSI)
Alpay Beler –Web Projects Manager/IS Architect (NOF)
Tim Burnett – Web Developer and Designer (NMPFT)

Design Management:

Tim Molloy – Head of Design (NMSI)
Lyn Modaberi – Design Manager

Digitisation /Cataloguing Management:

Ed Bartholomew – National Railway Museum
Colin Harding - National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
James Havelock – Digitisation Project Manager
Angela Murphy – Image Database Manager
Nick Wyatt – Library Project Manager

Evaluation team:

Ben Gammon – Head of Education
Kate Steiner - Head of Visitor Research
Alex Burch - Visitor Research
John Bull - Audience Advocate
Jane Rayner - Audience Advocate

IT Management:

Mel Burns – Head of IT (NMSI)
Raphael Larizza – IT Coordinator (NOF)
Julian Payne – Network Manager (NMSI)

Content Team (Led by Charlotte Stone) :

Dr. Peter Morris – Senior Editor
Liz Newton - Content Coordinator
Jane Audas – Content Developer
Ed Cookson – Content Developer
Rebeka Marcroft – Content Coordinator
Anthony Pintus – Content Researcher
Demelza Melbourn – Content Researcher
Mike Flynn - Web Editor
Nick Hanson – Headline Writer
Ela Ginalska - Copyright and Publications Advisor
Lawrence Ahlemeyer – Copyright Clearance
Dave Chalkley – Rights Clearance
Caroline Bradley – Collections Catalogue Coordinator
Ailsa Jenkins – Collections Catalogue Coordinator
Barbara Grant - Project Cataloguer

Subject specialists & Authors:

Dr. Tim Boon – Head of Collections
Dr. Peter Morris – Senior Editor and Curator of Chemistry
Ed Bartholomew – Curator Photo /Film Collection (NRM)
Neil Brown – Time Measurement, Electricity & Magnetism
Dr. Robert Bud - Bioscience
Scott Butler - Sustainability
Stewart Emmens – Medical Collections
Sam Evans – Agricultural Engineering, Road Transport
Peter Fitzgerald – Navigation
John Griffiths – Printing & writing
Colin Harding – Kodak Curator, Photographic Technology (NMPFT)
Michael Harvey – Cinematography (NMPFT)
Jane Insley –Technology: Engineering
Kevin Johnson – Astronomy
Ghislaine Lawrence – Clinical Medicine
Dr. Xerxes Mazda - Communications
Robert McWilliam – Engineering
Doug Millard –Space Technology
Alan Morton – Atomic and Nuclear Power
Dr. Sue Mossman –Plastics and Material Science
Alice Nichols – Clinical Medicine
Lisa O’Sullivan - Medicine
Keith Parker – Sound Reproduction, Telecommunications
Nima Poovaya-Smith - National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
Dave Rooney – Time Measurement
Ben Russell – Hand and Machine Tools, Motive Power, Textile Machinery
Rod Smith – Computing
David Thomas – Medical Collections
Dr. Jane Wess – Mathematics, Weighing and Measuring, Optics
Dave Woodcock – Domestic Appliances
Nick Wyatt – Rare Books

External Authors:

Giskin Day
Rosemary Preece
Larissa Worthington
Michael J. Cronin
Julie Anderson
Geoff Bunn
Temi Odumosu
Makeda Coastan 


Angela Murphy – Image Database Manager
James Havelock - Digitisation Project Manager
Kevin Royal - Administration/ Digitisation/ Finance and Personnel Support

Research Team:

Chris Rowlin – Senior SSPL Cataloguer /Picture Research/Editing/Copyright
Liz Moore - Picture Research
Sam Johnson - Picture Research/Editing
Derek Smith - Picture Research/Cataloguing

Digitisation Team:

Adrian Clarke – NOF Image Technician
Graham Matthews – NOF Image Technician
David Exton – Senior Digital Photographer
Jennie Hills - Digital Photographer
Claire Richardson - Digital Photographer
Iris Fernandes –Digital Photographer

Cataloguing Team :

Amanda Waite – Senior Cataloguer
Michelle Allen – NOF Project Cataloguer
Tim Cherry – NOF Project Cataloguer

NOF Project Temporary Cataloguers:

Stephanie Durante - Researcher/Cataloguer
Helen Walker - Researcher/Cataloguer
Anna Winterbottom - Researcher/Cataloguer
Eleanor Carrington - Researcher/Cataloguer


Pauline Dingley - Head of the Science Museum Library (until June 2003)
Nicholas Wyatt - NOF Library Project Manager & Metadata Standards Advisor
Jennifer Newman - NOF Library cataloguer
Steven Gunning - Library cataloguer (part funded by NOF)
Evelyne Draper - Library cataloguer

Content development:
Rosemary Smith - Reader Services Librarian
Prabha Shah - Information Librarian
John Underwood - Information Librarian


Nima Poovaya-Smith - Head of Special Projects & Project Director
Colin Harding – Project Manager & Curator of Photographic Technology
Anne Bucktrout - Senior Researcher/Editor
Tim Burnett - Web Designer/Developer
Richard Bosomworth -IT support and development
Simon Braithwaite - Researcher/Editor
Russell Roberts – Subject Specialist (Senior Curator of Photographs & Head of Photography)
Paul Thompson - Image Technician
Laura Whitton - Researcher/Editor


Dieter Hopkin – Project Committee
Ed Bartholomew – Project Manager
Laura Nugent – Cataloguer/Researcher
Desmond Smith – Content Researcher
Jane McDevitt –Digital Photographer
Helen Ashby – Cataloguing Standards


Tape International / TapeLondon
SAS Design
Sean Beldon –Firebox design

Digitisation/Image Management
IBASE Image Management

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