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Stories about the lives we've made

				About us

Making the Modern World Online is a groundbreaking initiative in web learning, based on the Science Museum's landmark gallery Making the Modern World. Funded by the Invest to Save Budget (ISB) and taking two years to complete, MMW-Online is an unprecedented collaboration between the Science Museum, Peter Symonds College and Mackenzie Ward Research (mwr):

About NMSI (National Museum of Science and Industry)

NMSI aims to engage people in a dialogue to create meanings from the past, present and future of human ingenuity, including science, technology, medicine, transport and media. It aims to inspire, educate and involve visitors. NMSI's active programme to develop a strong and comprehensive online presence supports these objectives and serves to broaden access to the museum's many wonderful objects. For more information visit:


Dr Tilly Blyth: Executive Editor, Author
Dr Tim Boon: Author
Dr Robert Bud: Project Executive, Chairman for Project Board, Author
Dr Geoff Bunn: Author
Scott Butler: Author
Helen Cantoni: Internal Picture Researcher
Madeline Cohen: Transcriber, Textpertise Internet Secretarial Services
Mike Ellis: Science Museum Website Manager
Stuart Emmens: Author
David Exton: Photographer
Isabel Fereday: External Resources Researcher
Sarah Lazarus: Author
John Liffen: Author
Doug Millard: Author
Lyn Modaberi: Design Director
Dr Andrew Nahum: Head of Content, Author
Alice Nicholls: Author
Lisa O'Sullivan: Author
Dr Jocelyn Pye: Audience Advocate
Ben Russell: Author
Jane Wess: Author
Andrew Williamson: Marketing
Dave Woodcock: Author
Laila Zwisler: Project Coordinator

About Peter Symonds College

Peter Symonds College is a highly successful sixth form college located in Winchester. The college regularly figures among the nation's top five performing colleges. It is a college with high expectations of both students and staff. We work hard to ensure every student achieves all that he or she can. We also try hard to make the college a friendly and supportive place to study, with every student treated as an individual. Indeed, our unofficial motto has long been "we count in ones". The college is the only state sixth form college nationally to offer boarding places. While most students come from Winchester and its environs, some come from as far away as the Falkland Islands. For more information visit:

Peter Symonds College Team

Kim Adams: Author
Alex Banks: Author
Mark Banks: PSC Pedagogy Team
Allan Blythin: Author
Paul Blythin: Author
Richard Carr: Author, PSC Co-ordinator
Stephen Carville: Senior User, Project Board
Simon Dakeyne: Author
Chris Dando: Author
Jeff Entwistle: Author
Julian Foster: Author
John Hare: PSC Authoring Team Leader, Author
Sue Kitson: PSC Co-ordinator
Angelina Lai: Senior User, Project Board
James Larcombe: Author
Jan Lloyd: Author
Alistair McNaught: PSC Pedagogy Team Leader, Author
John Morgan: Senior User, Project Board
Andrew Pond: Author
Christina Rycroft: Author
Richard Stillman: Author
Sonia Tucker: Author
Liz Winn: PSC Administrator

About mwr

Mackenzie Ward Research (mwr) creates digital, interactive learning publications for education, cultural heritage and continuing professional development. mwr works collaboratively to develop partnerships that bring together leading organisations and best practice. Combining a sound knowledge of applied pedagogy with skilled design and interactive techniques, mwr empowers partnerships to fulfill their visions for digital learning. For more information visit:

mwr Team

Khairoun Abji: Senior Producer
Nadia Arbach: Production Support
Graham Bennett: Flash developer
Neil Biddlecombe: Flash developer
Jane Carnell: Project Coordinator
Simon Chambers: Project Manager
Dr Frank Colson: Senior Supplier, Project Board
Jean Colson: General Editor
Robin Corps: Technical Developer
Rob Day: Technical Director
Marc Donovan: Technical Developer
Brook Elgie: Designer
Dr Martyn Farrows: Project Director
Alex Greg: Technical Developer
Pam Iannotti: Production Support
Steve Jelly: Project Director
Claire Jupe: Designer
Laura Kirkby: Designer
Robert Page: Technical Support
Hanish Parmar: Technical Developer
Caryn Plant: Marketing
May Race: Project Manager
Tripta Rathour: Technical Developer/Information Architect
Dr Andrew Sawyer: Production Support
Alec Shaw: Technical Director
Ian Shaw: Project Assurance
Mariana Sonnenberg: External Asset Researcher
Edward Walker: Designer
Dr Max Wilson: Senior Supplier, Project Board
Helen White: Project Coordinator

About SAS

SAS have worked as design sub-contractors to mwr on the project. SAS is one of the UK's leading interactive agencies, working with clients in many diverse sectors to help them to achieve their ambitions online. Based in London, SAS has been creating innovative and award-winning interactive work for nine years. For more information visit:

SAS Team

Danny Angel: Designer
Nick Austin: Client Partner
Sandra Dartnell: Project Manager
Jenifer Dunn: Senior Developer
Gavin Fox: Designer
Nick Loe: Developer
Kelvin Luck: Flash Developer
Ben James: Flash Developer
Anand Nagrick: Senior Designer
Ali Nassiri: Designer
Chris O'Brien: Head of Interactive Design
Dan Thompson: Designer
Benjamin Tomlinson: Interactive Creative Director

About Imaginary

Imaginary Productions worked as creative consultants to mwr on the project. Imaginary is an award-winning London-based creative consultancy, 3D digital animation and games development studio specialising in original digital content development for entertainment, education, culture and broadcast applications. For more invormation visit:

Imaginary Team

Jon Weinbren: Creative Director
Barclay Deeming: Lead Artist