Sunflower Diary


Share your sunflower diary!

Thanks to your amazing efforts we have over 9000 Turing’s sunflowers pledged around the world to celebrate Alan Turing's legacy with an experiment. It’s an incredible achievement and one worth capturing and sharing widely. But to do that, we need your help and are calling on all growers to film your sunflower growing journey by recording a 1 minute video diary in response to a question that we send you every fortnight, for example, the first question is 'Can you introduce us to your sunflower(s)?'.

The fortnightly list of questions will be posted here. Feel free to answer any of the questions at any point.

What will happen to my diary?

Working with BBC Outreach we will collect and select stories from all of the diaries that you submit, especially those that creatively capture and tell the collective journey of taking part in the experiment, and the highs and lows of keeping your sunflowers alive for the spiral counts. Selected footage will be edited together into a ~15 minute film that celebrates everyone’s contributions and will be screened at Manchester Science Festival (27th Oct - 4th Nov 2012) and online. All of the footage that you submit will also be available for everyone to view on YouTube on our dedicated Sunflower Diaries YouTube playlist. As the experiment progresses we'll share videos via facebook, twitter and on our blog so everyone can see what fellow growers are up to.

Who can take part?

Anyone can take part - you don’t need to be an experienced filmmaker; you can use anything from a mobile phone to a flip camera to the latest video technology out there. You can take part every fortnight or as often as you can manage.

Filming Sunflower

What do I need to do?

Starting from Monday 11th June 2012, we will send you a question (by email, twitter and via facebook) for you to answer with a 1 minute video. You will then have two weeks to film and upload the clip of you and your sunflower to YouTube and email us the YouTube link on so that we can watch it and consider it for the final film. Please keep your original film clip because if we use it in the film we will need the high quality version of it. You must also make sure that everyone who appears in the film is happy to be included.

Uploading my video

Once you have made your video, you need to upload it to your YouTube account. You can find out more about how to record your Sunflower diary and how to upload it to YouTube here. You need to then tag your uploaded video with #sunflowerdiary and the question number. For example, your tag will appear as #sunflowerdiary01 for the first question. This is essential so that we can find your video and add it to the Sunflower Diaries YouTube playlist so that everyone else can watch your diary too.

Tell your friends

Please spread the word about making a sunflower diary to everyone else that you know is growing a sunflower – you could send a tweet (#sunflowerdiary), update your Facebook status, blog about it or put a reminder on your website.

Happy filming and here's to The Turing's Sunflower Diaries!