How to care for your plant

You may have sown the seeds, but it’s not quite time to sit back and relax. Here are our top tips for getting your plant from seed to flower.

We want your plants to grow big and strong


War on slugs

1. Watch

Young sunflowers make a tasty meal for slugs, snails and even pets such as rabbits. If you find a seedling is being nibbled, cut a clear plastic drinks bottle in half and cover the plant to make a protective ‘tent’. Remember to remove once the plant gets too big. You can also get slug pellets to ward off the slugs. We came across some non-toxic granules in Manchester at Hulme Garden Centre. Other tips included putting out crushed egg shells, garlic and stale beer. 

2. Water

Sunflowers need lots of water, so make sure they get a good drink daily when the weather is dry.

3. Feed

Once in flower, feed sunflowers weekly with liquid fertilizer (follow the instructions on the packet; never pour direct onto the plant). If you're worried about the fertiliser and children - avoid use.

4. Support

Sunflower planting stakes

As the seed head starts to develop, your plant might bend or even get blown over on a windy day. Tie plants to a fence, post or stake if they need extra support, but be careful not to tie too tightly – you don’t want the string to cut into the plant.

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