Our Youth Reporter Lucy Taylor, who volunteered with Skillshare in Botswana on an International Citizen Service (ICS) project, is live reporting from the Youth Summit today. Here, she interviews Natasha Simeone, who has recently returned from being Team Leader for VSO ICS in Zanzibar

Why are you at the Youth Summit?
I really care about development, particularly environmental issues. I want to be more active, and organise more events. Since I only got back from my ICS placement in Zanzibar four weeks ago I’m also looking for work!

Why do you think some young people are not as engaged?
Our society has got very good at distraction. People forget about the bigger issues. I also think some people have become very pessimistic and those attitudes need to change. But events like the response to the refugee crisis show that people can organise themselves and make a difference through community.

Why did you decide to volunteer ICS?
I was already quite engaged with social issues and volunteering – me and my friends set up a young people’s environmental awareness group in sixth form. But ICS confirmed my desire for active citizenship in a way. I have probably done more in the month since I have been back than I would have done otherwise.

To find out more about ICS, visit www.volunteerics.org.