Here Aminata Fofana – who volunteered with International Service ICS in Burkina Faso – shares her highlights from Our Goals: The Youth Agenda. The session was chaired by BBC Free Speech’s Rick Edwards, and explored what the Global Goals really mean for young people, focusing on four of their major priorities: Education, Employment, Gender Equality and Climate Change.

Environment – Presented by Anna Marie Astle-Vickerstaff, UK Co director for the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

“Climate change is a social justice issue”
“How can we mobilise young people around the world to facilitate sustainable development?”
“We are not fighting for nature, we are nature fighting itself”

Employment – Presented by Laura Russel – ICS Alumni
Financial and emotional wellbeing benefits to employment. The world is experiencing the highest rate of youth unemployment. What can young people/government do to eradicate this?

Education – Felix Owino –  ICS Alumni from Kenya and education advocate
“Education is key to eradicating poverty. An educated young person is an empowered person.”
In the UK there are highly educated young people with a high youth unemployment rate. Is education crucial in this new era?

Gender equality – Amy Stops, Progressio Alumni
“60 percent of women living in Malawi are HIV positive”
“Only 6 percent of women earn a wage in Malawi”
“Only 2 percent of women in the world are global change makers”

Once you educate women, you empower them to contribute to all spheres of society.