Jonathan Wing, 19, is from Coventry and volunteered with VSO ICS in Cebu City in the Phillipines. Jonathan attended a session hosted by World Vision and exploring issues of inequality. The session was led by Manthen Pravin, Emma Clarke, Tracy shields , Yasmin Edwards and Mally Askin.

“The session started with us taking on the profiles of people to find out where they stand in terms of inequality. The facilitator would ask a question about our profile and we, such as whether you were accepted into the community, or is your home a violent free home. The questions were designed to show where the lines of inequality fall, with people physically stepping forward in response.

There was great feedback from this session and many people thought that talking about inequality is one thing, but seeing the differences brought to life physically was really powerful. One participant said: “When you say it, it doesn’t look that bad, but as soon as you see the line and who’s further forward than others, then you realise just how bad the situation can be.”