Charlotte Bennett, 24, volunteered with Skillshare International in South Africa. Here she shares her report on Workshop 2: Influencing the influential in the fight to end poverty , hosted by RESULTS UK. 

Have you ever wanted to have your say but lack the confidence to speak up? It can be nerve-wracking speaking to the people who make the decisions, especially if you know they have a different opinion from you.

Whilst you may fear how you look or how you sound, remember you have a message, a purpose and can get Results!

So here are a few top tips from Team Results UK

Be Prepared
Be Enthusiastic
Be real

Stand up, speak out, share your message and make results.

Here is Kadir and Mark Role Playing The perfect way to influence the influential.

Kadir, Results UK

Kadir, Results UK







Mark, Results UK

Mark, Results UK







To close Tom Maguire kindly shared some advice on how to be that influential power:

  1. Research your topic area
  2. Prepare an agenda in advance – know your aim.
  3. Win their hearts and their heads – provide personal stories to bring things to life.
  4. Practice Speaking – whether that is to friends and family or your own in the mirror.
  5. Smile – Share a story make it personal, make a connection. Creating long term relationships.
  6. Have an ask – ask them to do something.
  7. Thank them for their time.
  8. Be persistent and follow up.

Are you an active global citizen ready to make those waves to Stand up, be heard and get results? We hope this article will help you on your way to making waves.