Meet Mundiah Aftab

Mundiah Aftab, 17, is a volunteer with Islamic Relief. She says: ” We have only a short time and as individuals it may seem that we can’t do much, but we can be a piece of the puzzle.” Read more from Mundiah

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A green future for all

Elizabeth Bevon, 23, is a Raleigh ICS Nicaragua alumnus from Manchester. Lizzy attended a workshop called “A green future for all”, hosted by the UK Youth Climate Coalition, including UKYCC. The session aimed to bring together international development, the UN, climate change and young people. It covered the importance of fighting climate change within international development and the action young people can take to support a sustainable global future. The session also featured information on how to influence the UN climate talks.

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The Gender Goal and You!

Fletch Williams reports on a workshop led by VSO and Progressio, exploring how the global goal addressing gender equality can become a reality. Fletch is 26 and from Cambridge, and volunteered in Lesotho with Skillshare International ICS.

“Being a woman shouldn’t hold you back”
“What inspires me is the motivation women have to better themselves”

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An interview with Permanent Secretary Mark Lowcock

ICS volunteers Jonny Fowle and Kwame Seykere interviewed Department for International Development Permanent Secretary Mark Lowcock. Here the Permanent Secretary shares his insights from a 30 year career in international development, and explains why he is passionate about what the next generation can achieve. With thanks to International Service alumna Josh Ho for creating this... read more

Challenging the development narrative

Joanna Callender, 25, went with Tearfund ICS to Rwanda. She’s from Belfast but lives in England. She joined BOND for a workshop exploring how we can challenge the development narrative. All of us will have been confronted with negative images and stories of development upon returning from our placements. But in these cases what do you say back? How do we challenge the general narrative on development?

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Making Influential Waves

Have you ever wanted to have your say but lack the confidence to speak up? It can be nerve-wracking speaking to the people who make the decisions, especially if you know they have a different opinion from you. While you may fear how you look or how you sound, remember you have a message, a purpose and can get Results! So here are a few top tips from Team Results UK

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