The Summit is a chance for young people to get their voices heard on the global issues they care about. For the government, it’s a chance to look at the next 15 years through the eyes of young people.

Through workshops, “Spotlight” panel discussions  and interactive sessions, young people will tell International Development Secretary Justine Greening what they want the future to look like, how they will lead the fight against global poverty, and how DFID can help unlock their potential to make them agents of change.

Please find the full programme for the day below.

10.30 – 12.00 | Welcome

Fringe space

Arrivals and refreshments.

The fringe area will be open all day and host the Make A Change Market Place, Commitment Wall, Photo Booth, In The Hot Seat sessions and other performances.

12.00 – 13.00 | Opening Plenary


With the Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening and special guest speakers.

13.00 – 14.00 | Our Goals: The Youth Agenda + Workshops


Governments around the world are about to agree a new set of Global Goals to fight poverty, inequality and climate change. But what do these Global Goals mean for young people around the world? Chaired by BBC Free Speech’s Rick Edwards, this fast paced session will explore what these new Global Goals really mean for young people, focusing on four of the major priorities affecting young people: Education, Employment, Gender Equality and Climate Change.

Workshop 1

Where are you in the line of inequality?

World Vision

How does inequality affect young people around the world? Is this issue reflected in the Global Goals?

Discover where you stand on the line of inequality, what your unique insight is into the barriers young people face and how you can play an active role in fighting inequality.

Workshop 2

Influencing the influential in the fight to end poverty


Ever wanted to have your say but lack the confidence to speak up? It can be nerve-wracking speaking to the people who make the decisions, especially if you know they have a different opinion to you.

This session will provide you with the skills to make an impact face-to-face, giving you the confidence to have difficult conversations and campaign on global poverty issues.

Workshop 3

A Year of Girls Rights


Delve deeper into Girls’ Rights and the issues they face of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Child & Forced Marriage: two harmful practices which prevent girls and women from having control over their bodies.

Guided by a group of young people who have been igniting action on these issues, you will leave with an understanding of how youth action on Girls’ Rights fits with the Global Goals.

14.00 – 15.00 | Our Voice: Leave No Young Person Behind + Workshops


The Global Goals (the SDGs) go much further than than their predecessors (the MDGs). This time, the global framework is intended for every person in the world. For this to succeed we need to focus on the hardest to reach, ensuring that by 2030 no one is left behind. Through this session, we will hear personal stories of young people working to overcome marginalisation, with a focus on disability, conflict, HIV & AIDS and women and girls.

Workshop 4

Global Goals, so what?

Restless Development & Y Care International

So what actually are the Global Goals and why should we care? Explore what the Sustainable Development Goals mean as a global framework for change and what they can mean for the issues you care about.

By the end of this workshop you will be fully equipped to put the Global Goals framework into action as well as facilitate workshops on the goals for other young people.

Workshop 5

A green future for all

The UK Youth Climate Coalition

International development, young people, climate change and the UN – all important concepts, but how do they link together?

Discuss the role of fighting climate change within development, learn about the action young people are taking in support of a sustainable global future, and find out what you can do now to influence the UN Climate Talks.

Workshop 6

Social media storytelling

Save the Children

We all have stories to share and we are all familiar with social media, but how do we combine the two to make sure that we reach people and make them listen?

Whether you’re keen to learn more about a specific platform such as twitter or instagram, or about a specific form of social media communication like vlogging, come to this session and get storytelling

15.00 – 16.00 | Our Future: How will young people keep the Global Goals Promise? + Workshops


This September, world leaders will make ambitious promises and sign up to the Global Goals. But how will young people ensure these promises are kept? In this session we will explore the role young people can personally play to make the new Global Goals a success. We’ll look at youth-led accountability projects already breaking innovative ground around the world to consider how young people can make sure that governments around the world deliver on their promises.

Workshop 7

Challenging the development narrative


All of us will have been confronted with negative images and stories of development upon returning from our placements. But in these cases what do you say back? How do we challenge the general narrative on development?

At this crunch time in international development see how you can use your unique role as a young returned volunteer in building new narratives for global change.

Workshop 8

“The Gender Goal” and you

Progressio & VSO

How do we make sure the SDG Gender Goal does not simply stay on paper, but becomes a reality? What exactly does the ‘Gender Goal’ look like and what are the current barriers to achieving gender equality?

Informed by this discussion you will explore what practical tools there are for you to kickstart the success of the Gender Goal.

Workshop 9

Local action for global change

Wonder Foundation

We talk a lot about what governments and world leaders can do to implement the Global Goals, but what about you?

This session will look at how personal action can lead to global change. Focussing on gender inequality, the session will provide you with the tools to make an impact in your own community.

16.00 – 16.45| Closing Plenary


With the Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening and special guest speakers.