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Urban Design Compendium

PDF Downloads - UDC1

The full version of UDC1 can be downloaded from the link below, complete with full colour images and title pages:


UDC1 Urban Design Principles (low quality)
Download the the cover.

UDC1 Urban Design Principles (high quality) - AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

Individual chapters and sections can be downloaded without the title pages here*:


  • The Importance of Urban Design
  • Key Aspects of Design
  • How the Compendium is Organised

Appreciating the Context

  • Community
  • Place
  • Natural Resources
  • Connections
  • Feasibility
  • Vision

Creating the Urban Structure

  • The Movement Framework
  • Mixing Uses
  • Density, Facilities and Form
  • Energy and Resource Efficiency
  • Landscape
  • Landmarks, Vistas and Focal Points
  • Blocks
  • Parcels and Plots

Making the Connections

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Public Transport
  • Streets and Traffic
  • Parking and Servicing
  • Utilities Infrastructure

Detailing the Place

  • Positive Outdoor Space
  • Animating the Edge
  • Building Size and Scale
  • Building for Change
  • A Thriving Public Realm
  • Safety and Sense of Safety

Implementation and Delivery


* please note that the newest (and oldest) case studies may not be available in the PDF but can be accessed from the Case Studies section of this site.