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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 081 - Getting businesses and residents involved

081 - Bankside Neighbourhood Plan

With a simple ambition to be “the best neighbourhood in the world”, Bankside is looking how the area can develop as part of a sustainable London. By recognising Bankside as both a residential and business neighbourhood, and by engaging the whole community in the neighbourhood planning process, local partners hope to create a balanced and vibrant plan that will ensure the success of Bankside as a mixed use community for generations to come.

With a catchment area spanning between Blackfriars and London Bridge, the Neighbourhood Plan will consider issues such as the demand for more affordable business space and independent shops, improvements in design standards and the quality of the public realm, future housing provision and
reducing residential churn, and the provision of has adequate community facilities.

Bankside is already a thriving and active neighbourhood and projects are coming forward to continue to improve and maintain particular aspects of the place. Recent work such as “The Urban Physic Garden” on a piece of derelict land in the summer of 2011 demonstrates the value of temporary use of
empty spaces in the neighbourhood.

Longer term improvements to the public realm in the neighbourhood are co-ordinated through a central partnership strategy for the area called “Bankside Urban Forest”, which aims to spread the benefits of regeneration southwards by improving the links and spaces between the riverside and Elephant and Castle. Recent projects completed include Flat Iron Square and Redcross Way. New projects such as the improvement of the public realm and open spaces along Great Suffolk Street are also being progressed under this umbrella.

Other Information

  • Project Team: Better Bankside, Bankside Residents’s Forum, Bankside Open Spaces Trust, Blackfirars Settlement, Southwark Council
  • Contact:


UDC2 Section - Managing Quality Placesace

A wide range of projects to improve the Bankside neighbourhood have already been completed and further projects continue to be brought forward.


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