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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 080 - Managing a neighbourhood actively

080 - The Kendray Initiative

Since its inception in 1999, the Kendray Initiative has addressed problems of increased unemployment, poverty, drugs, rising crime, anti-social behaviour and difficult financial circumstances for local councils. Today, Kendray is not only a place where people want to live but also where they play an active role in the running of their neighbourhood.

Set up by local residents, the Council and other organisations, the initiative has produced an estate redevelopment plan in consultation with residents and appointed a housing association and private housing company to build new homes. The Initiative supports local people seeking employment, organisation of sports and holiday activities for over 1,000 Kendray children, development of the community website and delivery of appropriate training and learning facilities. They have established two service level agreements that set out the service standards expected from the different agencies. This is then monitored by the Neighbourhood Champions who provide feedback to the service providers on a monthly basis. The Initiative focuses on five key areas of work:

  • Supporting young people and vulnerable families with children
  • Lifelong learning, training and jobs
  • Improving health and emotional well-being
  • Estate management, environment and community safety
  • Promoting Kendray

The Kendray Initiative is run by the Kendray Initiative Board formed by a group of residents, local service providers and councillors. The board controls a proportion of funds allocated for redevelopment of the area to plan and operate projects. With receipt of funding for Neighbourhood Management they have employed a Neighbourhood Management Team to support their work and deliver longer term benefits.

‘…physical change has come about as a result of the positive energy and commitment of residents …the most important ingredient however, has been community support that was responsible for engendering trust and confidence necessary to initiate dialogue’

Ian Smith, the Neighbourhood Manager, Kendray Initiative. Ian Smith has worked with the community for over a decade.

Other Information

  • Location: Barnsley
  • Project Team: Kendray Initiative
  • Contact:


UDC2 Section - Managing Quality Placesace 

A proportion of finances allocated for the redevelopment of the area are used to fund the Kendray Initiative which has actively produced an estate redevelopment plan that promotes community aspirations, neighbourhood engagement and employed a neighbourhood manager

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