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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 078 - Establishing a trust

078 - Bournville Village Trust

Established by the Cadbury brothers in 1900, Bournville Village Trust (BVT) today develops and administers 1,000 acres, providing homes for 25,000 people. It includes an exceptionally wide range of housing provision, especially new housing with particular emphasis on quality, energy saving, regeneration, special needs and housing for people with disabilities. BVT’s core activities include:

  • Management of the Bournville Estate which in total comprises over 7,500 properties and various community facilities
  • Management of around 600 properties in other areas of Birmingham, Telford (including Lightmoor) and Redditch
  • Provision of architectural management and maintenance services to a number of housing associations and other organisations

BVT is made up of five committees: Housing Services, Estate Management and Scheme committee, Finance and Development, Governance and Agriculture. Its other services include:

  • Shops and community venues
  • Management of agricultural estates (preserving 3,000 acres of land – some public, some private – for conservation purposes and letting these to dairy farmers)
  • Setting up of residents’ associations and advisory committees
  • Offering individual support in financial management and life skills together with training/educational and employment opportunities to help create sustainable tenancies
  • 24 Hour Helpline – A dispersed alarm system fitted to all properties accommodating vulnerable tenants
  • A day activity facility for people with learning disabilities

Other Information

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Project Team: Key partners: Bournville Village Trust
  • Contact:


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The structure of Bournville Village Trust enables it to manage a diverse portfolio of projects including retail and community facilities, properties, public open space and a residents’ association.Images (image bank)