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Urban Design Compendium

Case Studies - Managing Quality Places

Design should be only the start of quality. Quality of life is partly determined by a person’s ability to shape their surroundings. The physical form and management of a place will either encourage or discourage their desire and ability to interact with the place and the people they meet there. Good places that are actively managed and safe will encourage a positive neighbourliness and a sense of belonging. To ensure places function effectively in the long term they must:

  • Be safe, well maintained and well managed
  • Have the right management structures for people who live and use the place to be able to influence what happens there
  • Have active support and resources to enable them to function in the long term


Case Study 073 - Managing green infrastructure - The Parks Trust, Milton Keynes

Case Study 074 - Managing an inner city park - High Line, New York

Case Study 075 - Managing a community heating system - Southampton District Energy Scheme

Case Study 076 - Generating fees to manage open space - New Islington Millennium Community, Manchester

Case Study 077 - Establishing a management structure to suit your needs - Pepys Community Forum, Lewisham

Case Study 078 - Establishing a trust - Bournville Village Trust

Case Study 079 - Mixing management structures - Coin Street Community Builders

Case Study 080 - Managing a neighbourhood actively - The Kendray Initiative

Case Study 081 - Getting businesses and residents involved - Bankside Neighbourhood Plan

Case Study 082 - Encouraging community cohesion - Summerfield Residents Association

Case Study 083- Sustaining quality public realm - More London


Other related case studies (not in the PDF document)

Case Study 127 - Encouraging social interaction through the internet - Ladera Life Community Intranet

Case Study 128 - Managing a SUDS scheme - Lightmoor Village, Telford

Case Study 129 - Getting businesses involved - Waterloo BID


High quality images for all these case studies can be found in our image bank