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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 125 - Establishing a city-wide cycle strategy

125 - Vélo V, Lyon, France

Vélo V is a bicycle rental service run by the city of Lyon, in conjunction with the advertising company JCDecaux. The network consists of almost 200 renting stations, situated in strategic locations across the cities of Lyon and Villeurbanne.

Bikes cans be rented and returned to any other station within the network with a Vélo V Card for insurance purposes. Three different price and billing options are available including the choice between pre-paid or post-paid. The first 30 minutes of use are free, encouraging use of cycles for short trips as well. Other incentives include 60 minutes free use to users of the TECELY public transport smartcard.

By September 2005, 23,000 registered users and 2,000 cycles used the network with plans for further growth in the future. Average trip length was 2.8 kilometres for duration of 20 minutes, with increased use during peak hours and near main train and metro stations. The annual cost of operation was about 1,000 per cycle including the rental electronic devices, i.e. 2 million for the whole fleet.

The system is managed by JCDecaux and is included in a global 13-year contract of street furniture funded by Greater Lyon. This relationship allows the city to provide the service on a cost neutral basis for the city and at very low cost to users, in return for providing exclusive advertising rights on bus shelters and the like.

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Vélo V bicycles are funded by the city on a cost neutral basis in return for exclusive advertising rights on street furniture.Images (image bank)