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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 072 - Delivering amenities early

072 - Greenwich Millennium Village, London

A key factor in the success of Greenwich Millennium Village as a city centre family location has been the early provision of the primary school. The Millennium Primary School and Health Centre was delivered by English Partnerships (now the Homes and Communities Agency) as part of the initial phase in 2001. This community facility which is located in the village centre includes a primary school, an early years centre, a crèche, an all weather sports pitch and a health care centre, offering a full range of primary care as well as promoting healthy living and preventative approaches to medicine.

The school has been designed for community use offering a range of adult education classes and training both during the day and evening. The reception is designed to accommodate a mix of different users with separate access and the hall is of sufficient size to accommodate sports such as badminton or theatre productions.

The staff and pupils transferred from a 1970s building nearby into the state of the art school. The school was built with capacity for double its initial pupil numbers, eventually providing 500 places to accommodate the growing number of families moving into the area.

The school has been successful in helping link the new and existing communities. The community centre will continue to grow as the Village develops, eventually providing shops, cafés and bars.

Other Information

  • Location: London Borough of Greenwich
  • Project Team: Key partners: English Partnerships Masterplanner: Richard Rogers Partnership Architect: Edward Cullinan Architects Ltd
  • Contact:


UDC2 Section - From Vision to Reality 

The early provision of a primary school in Greenwich Millennium Village has helped to link existing and new communities, and acts as a focus for community activity.Images (image bank)