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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 069 - Ensuring construction quality

069 - Ancoats Urban Village, Manchester

High-quality public realm has been delivered in the regeneration of this Manchester conservation area through commitment and leadership of the Ancoats Urban Village Company (AUVC). This body was established to promote Ancoats and facilitate its development as a mixed-use area, maximising potential in terms of its unique heritage as the world’s first industrial suburb and location near Manchester city centre.

AUVC set clear benchmarks for design quality in the area-wide Public Realm Strategy and the Conservation Plan for the Public Realm.

Contractors short-listed for the works were asked to demonstrate their experience in similar regeneration or heritage schemes for which the quality of materials and workmanship was assessed. During the construction phase, quality is being ensured by the continued significant involvement of the AUVC design team, which includes landscape architects and engineers. As the public realm is fully adopted, a Clerk of Works from Manchester City Council also monitors the work being carried out. By considering these issues at the outset of the project AUVC were able to ensure that this continuous monitoring of construction quality could be fully resourced.

Stefan Brzozowski of AUVC says ‘This project is effective because there was a clear strategy from the outset that was supported by all key stakeholders in Ancoats including Manchester City Council, North West Regional Development Agency and English Heritage.’

Due for completion in 2008, the project has already won Manchester’s Civic Society’s City Space of the Year award for the quality of public realm being delivered.

Other Information

  • Location: Manchester
  • Project Team: Key partners: Ancoats Urban Village Company (AUVC)
  • Contact:


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Continuous involvement and monitoring by the design team and Manchester City Council has ensured a high standard of construction quality across the development.Images (image bank)