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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 063 - Delivering public transport in a new neighbourhood

063 - Adamstown Dublin, Ireland

Sustainable travel underpins the vision for Adamstown. Key components are compact urban form, mix of uses, access to public transport and a connected and permeable urban environment.

Public transport infrastructure (train station, rail services, bus services and priority bus corridors) has been delivered from the outset and will be expanded at key stages. A network of safe and direct links are emerging for pedestrians and cyclists, linking communities, public transport, shops and other local facilities. Despite this, a 2008 survey indicated disappointingly high levels of private car usage. To influence behaviour in favour of more sustainable modes, South Dublin County Council, working with the Dublin Transportation Office, developed a travel programme branded ‘Smarter Travel Adamstown’. The programme promotes sustainable travel choices on an ongoing basis through information, initiatives and events.

One of the key initiatives undertaken has been Personalised Travel Planning (PTP). A travel team was established within the Council in 2009. During the initial phase, travel advisors called to 800 households and engaged with almost 300 people. Travel resources such as maps and route planner stickers were distributed, travel challenges were developed and free public transport tickets offered on a trial basis.

The PTP approach has proven successful. Over 59% of those who participated reported that they have used sustainable modes more frequently as a result of the initiative, 41% reported a reduction in car usage and 54% indicated that they would continue to use sustainable modes more often.

This early Adamstown experience highlights the potential for measures that influence behaviour to ensure the success of sustainable travel outcomes, facilitated by good physical planning, infrastructure and service provision.

Other Information

  • Key Partners: South Dublin County Council and National Transport Authority (Ireland)
  • Developer: Castlethorn Construction; Maplewood Homes and Tierra Limited
  • Weblink:


UDC2 Section - From Vision to Reality 

The ‘Smarter Travel Adamstown’ programme has successfully changed travel behaviours of Adamstown residents.Images (image bank)